Sunday, June 19, 2011

Secrets for Your Pet's Health

A Million-Year-Old Dust Can Save Your Pet’s Life

Millions of years ago our shorelines were part of the ocean floor. Almost invisible to the naked eye, a single-celled plant called the Diatom grew there. This tiny plant has the ability to extract silica from the water. Over time the silica builds up on the plant, forming a shell. When the Diatoms with their crusty protection die, they accumulate on the sea floor, forming layered deposits. In fact, in some places these deposits have been discovered to be thousands of feet thick.

These now-fossilized, miniscule shells are quarried from dry sea beds and crushed to a fine dust, in a process much like milling oats at a gristmill. As a result, microscopic silica razors are exposed. These microscopic razors and needlelike shards shred the digestive apparatus of any insect that eats it.

When this dust is sprinkled on your pet’s coat, it provides a powerful natural protection against fleas and other bothersome insects. It is also perfectly safe to sprinkle it on your pet’s food, as long as it’s labeled “food grade”. Since the minute particles are almost infinitesimally small, your pet is not harmed, but in the world of internal worms and parasites, this dust is lethal to them when eaten. It is not a toxin, but it kills simply through its lacerating ability. It has the same effect on these parasites as smashing a six-pack of beer bottles and eating the broken glass would have on you. Of course, it goes without saying, don’t eat broken glass!

You’re probably wondering “What is this dust, and where can I get it?” It’s called Diatomaceous Earth and it can be purchased online from any organic producer. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe for human consumption. Scientific studies have shown it will absorb heavy metals like mercury and even pesticide residues from animal and human systems. May your pets be blessed with nature’s healing ways. Peter

Magnetic Therapy For Your Pets

I’ve kept my animals vet-free for decades.” – Peter Ragnar

She ran away from home and ended up at our house. She had already been a mother and had raised kittens. She had a rope tied so tightly around her neck that it cut into her skin. The taxidermist (who was often in trouble for poaching) claimed he owned her. Seeing him, with a burst of speed that only fear could bring, she zipped under our house.

He vacated his rental suddenly. Later, we were told that the Fish and Game people were after him for selling bear gall bladders on the black market. We kept his cat. It’s now been well over twenty years since Amba came to stay with us.

She must have been in her mid-twenties when she peacefully passed in her sleep. Amba slept with my wife and me on a magnetic mattress pad and had been vet-free all her long, beautiful life.

I am completely convinced that we should do the best we can for the animals we love and care for. That’s why our dog Bodhi and our ten cats all have the healing power of magnetic pet pads. Oh, yes, Bodhi sleeps on our big king-size magnetic mattress pad. Do these pet pads sound like a good idea this season?

P.S. For dog lovers, there is a great book by Celeste Yarnall, Natural Dog Care. She recommends magnetic therapy.

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