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Water, Water Everywhere, but What Am I to Drink?

If you really seek truth, it must be sought without bias. That means there must be no hidden agenda. That means there is no hidden profit motive. That means there is no resistance or egotistic bristling when a former position’s error has been revealed.

"Like any scientist, we begin with a hypothesis."

Assuming we are sincere, we test that hypothesis over and over again. No matter what the factual findings reveal, we joyously accept them. Now we have found a truth.

"So what type of water are you to drink?"

If you’re reading this, most likely you’ve already concluded that city tap water is poison. Perhaps in a startling revelation you concluded that you didn’t think it healthy to drink chlorinated, decomposed toilet paper. What?! You don’t think drinking recycled water is safe? And you’re fed up with lies about how safely water travels from toilet to tap? Now you’ve become such a radical health nut that you dare to complain about the 4000 or so carcinogens in that same water? Imagine that!

The brilliant water researcher Dr. Patrick Flanagan...

After reviewing the options for drinking water, concluded that distilled water was the best. He wrote, “Given a choice of the above waters, we would choose distilled water over cationic water. This is because it does not disturb the charge on colloids in the blood system.”

“Cationic” refers to positive harmful ions found in most alternatives to tap water.

He continues, “Of course the best water is distilled water to which high zeta colloids and anionic electrolytes have been added.” In recent years, other researchers have developed water machines that convert the harmful positive charge to a negative anion. This is commonly referred to as “ionized water.”

"Sounds pretty nifty, doesn’t it?

But, darn it! I’m still stuck on that image of 4000 or so carcinogens and drinking decomposed tampons mixed with toilet paper. I know, I know, the filters promise not to let any of that yuck get through while the machine zaps the water. It sort of reminds me of those electric mosquito zappers that pop and sizzle ‘em! Yet I’ve seen some of the little buggers get through safely anyway.

"I’m not against water ionizers, just the water that runs through them."

Well, there you go, use well water. As long as there is no surface contamination by industrial and agricultural runoff, you’re safe, right? My well is 200 feet deep on top of a mountain. It’s drilled through some mighty thick rock, too. Is it safe to drink? Not if inorganic particles hitchhike with it! So, how do you know if they do?

"You simply distill the water."

I may not understand all the dazzling words used to describe redox potential, ORP, molecular bond angles, etc., so you will have to forgive me for my common horse sense. The old tea kettle gets a heck of a lot of mineral encrustation on it simply by boiling water. My distiller gets a pile of it as well. Now you can identify it as, say, iron, or limestone (that’s calcium), or copper, or one of the countless inorganic minerals.

"Do you really want this stuff building up in your body, turning you into a statue?"

Recently, I read some “x-pert” say it wasn’t so. That you didn’t accumulate these minerals. Ah! I got it, like eating fast foods doesn’t make you fat? And why worry about those PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and trihalomethanes? Oh yes, don’t forget the mercury, it really doesn’t accumulate in fish, oysters, and clams—or does it? I’ve heard all it takes is a broken thermometer of mercury to contaminate an entire lake. Do you really want to drink that stuff? I mean really?

"And what do you think your colon would look like if you sprinkled ready-mix concrete on your cereal every morning?"

As great as charcoal water filters are, they don’t capture inorganic mineral salts. Where do they go? Often, they are captured by the joints. My distiller captures them at the bottom of the pan I clean out. Isn’t it better not to have them passing (hopefully) through your body?

"It’s just common horse sense!"

And if you don’t accumulate inorganic minerals, toxic metal, and other yucky residues, then the world must be free of constipation and acid reflux, right? And all those fat people walking around must be an illusion!

"When I use the word inorganic, I mean a substance composed of matter other than plant or animal."

As an example, a plant can extract inorganic iron from the ground, but you can’t eat a nail. However, you can eat a plant and get organic iron. Your body will not accept dirt as food, so don’t drink mineral water, as an example. Otherwise you might end up a dirt-bag!

"So, a number of years ago, I bought one of those fancy water machines."

Yep, it ionized and alkalized my water. It sure reduced the water molecule and made the water wetter. Bear in mind that when you reduce molecular size in any liquid, it will stain easier. Think of fresh carrot juice, or how stubborn a wine stain or grape juice stain is to get out of a tablecloth. But, it finally dawned on me, if I really wanted to load my body up with highly charged ions, I’d better be using my juicer more! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against ionized water—it’s a great idea!

"Yes, I still use my water ionizer—I fill up my distiller with it."

And yes, I still get inorganic mineral buildup that needs to be cleaned from the distiller. I figure I can get all the natural organic minerals from my raw food diet. Pretty much like Dr. Norman Walker, the great proponent of distilled water, did.

"If the folks who are against distilled water thought about it for a moment..."

They’d have to wonder why decades of drinking it didn’t leach the minerals from the bones of the famous Paul Bragg, a distilled water advocate who met with untimely death surfing at around 100 years old. Or, in fact, how Norman Walker got around while reaching 117 years old. Maybe I’d better get to wondering why, after decades of drinking distilled water, it hasn’t leached the calcium from my teeth. It’s because the calcium in my teeth is organic, not inorganic. "

"Darn, now that I think about it, I haven’t had an appointment to have a cavity filled for over 25 years!"

If distilled water leaches minerals from the bones, why do tens of thousands of kidney dialysis patients show no effect? Yes, the dialysis machines use only distilled water!

"Remember, distilled water cannot leach, bones, blood, or tissue—only inorganic materials."

According to Steve Meyerowitz, the author of Water-The Ultimate Cure, if you are worried about “ . . .distilled water’s naturally aggressive chelating ability [then] put something nourishing in it. A few grains of rice per gallon of water, for example, will stabilize the distilled water in minutes and add organic minerals to it . . .

now it is alive . . .”

Also, you can check out some of Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s discoveries that can make your distilled water as potent as the water that the long-lived Hunzacuts drink. Now that you think about it, consider their water comes from 1000-year-old glacial runoff.

"Glacial ice is frozen distilled water!"

Dr. Theodore Baroody states in his book Alkalize or Die that if we don’t drink enough distilled water, it will slow the lymph flow. It is the lymph fluid that transports acid waste products into general circulation and out of your body.

"As far as distilled water leaching valuable minerals out of the body..."

Dr. Baroody states he has not found even one reputable source to support that. In his book he says, “Only distilled water produces a completely negative ion reaction in the system. And negative ions are alkaline forming--tissue acid wastes, which lead to an unwholesome death, are positively charged. Distilled water, being negatively charged, draws to it the positively charged waste products and flushes them into the elimination channels.”

"If you want to really bolster and enhance your water, you’ll find a plethora of products you can choose from. "

Personally, I haven’t found a single one of them as good as old Doc Willard’s catalyst-altered water. He was a true pioneer in water science. Yet his discovery was the definition of serendipitous. He was working on a way to clean out old depleted oil wells in Northern Alberta, Canada, when he stumbled on to nature’s secret.

"He found a way to make water so wet that it penetrates wax."

The water molecule becomes so reduced in size and increased in its electrical potential that it can actually wet wax. This was a boon to the petroleum companies, since wells would build up a paraffin-like compound and plug the well.

"Doc Willard found his water would increase the absorption of nutrients in food..."

Speed up the elimination of toxins and acid wastes, and provide extra electrons, thus acting as an extremely powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. You should bear in mind that once antioxidants (like vitamin C) give up their electrons, they become free radicals themselves.

"This is not so with catalyst-altered water, better known as Willard water."

Ranchers began spraying their pastures with it. They found Willard water’s hydrating powers were able to keep fields green even in times of drought. Gardeners were suddenly growing 200-lb. pumpkins, and people began drinking the stuff! And guess what?

"Folks started talking about having miracle cures."

The word-of-mouth buzz reached the ears of the FDA, and the federal government launched a major investigation. Doc Willard was called before the 96th congressional subcommittee on July 7th, 1980. By the time the evidence was presented, the alleged benefits and the old doc emerged victorious. Willard water had taken the nation by storm. Soon CBS had Harry Reasoner and the crew of “60 Minutes” doing a special on this amazing scientific breakthrough.

"Friend, I’ve got to say it loud and clear—there’s only one real Willard water and lots of copycats! I drink the real thing!"

In The Choice is Clear by Dr. Allen E. Banik, he says, “Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth—the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues. By its continued use, it is possible to dissolve inorganic minerals, acid crystals, and all the other waste products of the body without injuring tissues.”

"Hey, if you’re a senior citizen and can’t touch your thumb to your wrist..."

Touch your toes, or do a full back bend—you better get a water distiller and get some Willard water to leach those inorganic deposits out of those joints. Yes, distilled water is a universal solvent. It’s sad a few naturopaths that opposed its use died so young! After all, it’s simply about using common old horse sense! Yes, there’s water, water everywhere, but only drink distilled, with Willard water in it.

-Peter Ragnar

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