Wednesday, February 02, 2011

An Open Letter to the Seeker of Human Excellence

You have been barked at, scowled at, discredited, and assigned a servant’s place. As new laws replace old ones, a tangled web is woven. Entrapment is the name of the game. How can you seek human excellence and in the same breath believe you are a criminal and a sinner?

The pursuit of human excellence is the state of trusting your own mind. You must seek out the soil of liberty on which to plant your feet and walk. All dictatorial states stifle human growth. It is only in a free society that human excellence becomes more than a dream.

Are you mentally tough enough to truly aspire to grapple with your conscience? To fight failings every day in order to present yourself as one improved human unit? It is indeed a noble quest. Yes, to create value where none existed yesterday is to become the architect of your life.

No one but you can create a being that is more than enough for itself. If your actions are not self-preserving, then they are self-destroying. You must have freedom in order to grow. That means your choices must be voluntary; any choice that is not voluntary is not yours, but another’s. If you are forced to forfeit the work of your hands or surrender the creations of your mind, you have been reduced to the status of a slave. When governments tether the people, they chain themselves. When the means are corrupt, the ends will reflect it.

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