Thursday, June 02, 2011

How Your Body Naturally Eliminates Cancer

Dear Friend,

"If you knew it was a medical certainty that cancer cells could be stopped dead in their tracks, wouldn’t you want to hear about it?"

How ironic, then, that natural cures are so maligned by the medical establishment. Before being licensed as a doctor, you must at least study anatomy and physiology. So, every doctor knows that cancer cells travel by way of the lymphatics and lymph nodes—that means, in the moving fluid that flows between your cells. Your lymphatic system is actually a part of your circulatory system.

"Here’s the problem. Unlike your heart, which pumps blood, there is no pump connected to your lymphatic vessels."

This is a problem because your lymph nodes, which are like tiny houses with walls and doors the size of a pinhead and larger, filter out cancer cells and other injurious matter—but have no pump to move the cancer cells along.

"If your lymph doesn’t move, the cancer sits there and grows."

You can see, can’t you, how important it is for your lymphatic system to move waste and poisons out of your body? The lymphatic system is like the garbage man picking up the trash that your blood has piled there for pickup. The problem is multiplied if the sanitation crew doesn’t come to work. The garbage sits there and festers with green flies and mosquitoes as it slowly cooks up a toxic biological time bomb.

"So, what moves the lymph?"

It’s called the lymph pressure gradient. Basically, that means you’ve got to breathe and you’ve got to move. When you move, you stimulate the lymph nodes to bolster your immune system by making lymphocytes and other white blood cells. Your body’s movement is what allows your lymphatic system to kill cancer cells. When your lymphatic system is sluggish, toxic and carcinogenic materials settle in the lymph nodes. When that happens, they swell and become tender. Sometimes the lymphatic pathways become infected, and then you’ll see red streaks on, say, your arm or groin. Unchecked, this leads to dangerous complications.

"The bottom line is that the average person never gets enough stimulating movement to get the lymphatic system moving properly.Exercise certainly helps, but massage is even better in moving the lymph."

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"Wouldn’t it be nice to receive such a compliment? You bet it would!"

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With you in luminous health -Peter
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