Monday, July 25, 2011

The Cause of Fear

The primary cause of adult fear is destructive criticism in childhood.
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What a Wonderful Life!

What a wonderful life when you're in the flow of the highest vibrations. This is simple, once we get out of our own way!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"How I Found the Hidden Science of Luck"

Dear friend,

You probably know by now, I love to read. In fact, if you could see the untold thousands of books in my library, you might think me crazy! But there are a couple of books that would probably jump off the shelf and run like a mouse if you came in the room.

"When I found them, well, it was like I smelled them was dark, dank, and musty in the back of the old antique shop."

I felt like Indiana Jones feeling his way through a cave. The rare book dealer said, "Go ahead and sort through the boxes, but handle them carefully." Slowly, ever so slowly, I turned the yellowed pages as they crackled in the dim light.

"I began to tremble at what I was reading."

"Oh, those old books have been sitting around forever. I'll make you a deal on the one you're reading," said the antique dealer.

I gripped the two books like a vise. "I'll take these two," I replied, my voice a bit shaky. I couldn't wait to take them home and practice the arcane instructions on building luck. That was way back in the 1970s.

"I've now distilled that ancient teaching down to the very potent seed you'll need to plant in your mind to make good luck inescapable for you."

Actually, you'll discover that the incredible power of luck is a science. I know you'll think this is unbelievable, but it's true - you can learn how to win with mind-boggling consistency. When would you like to start cashing in?

- Peter

 Insights into The Science of Luck

Interview with Peter Ragnar, author of The Awesome Science of Luck and Charlie Shoten, author of No Limit Life.

Considering luck as a science is intriguing. I never really thought about it until I read The Awesome Science of Luck. It's really exciting to think that luck can be mastered just like a skill. Most people assume that luck is something they have no control over. Peter, could you please comment on this?

Charlie, just consider: right now, as we speak, the US government is funding projects on remote viewing. Imagine, as a professional poker player, developing the ability to receive strong and accurate impressions of the cards about to be dealt or those in another player's hand. Would they consider you lucky? Absolutely!

But in truth, you would be using the awesome science behind what others call luck. Back in 1981, the 97th U.S. Congress made a commitment to research these abilities that are generally attacked by “quack busters.” The government began a multi-million-dollar program at Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) in Menlo Park, CA. They began to study the human perceptual ability known as remote viewing.

What's really exciting is that people who play poker already have the untapped potential to easily heighten their perceptual abilities—not only that, but, I believe, influence the way the cards fall. Now, before you discount me as a crackpot, consider this scientific study by Princeton University. It was called the PEAR project—Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research. They developed a random events generator that measured very-low-frequency energies transmitted by human intention. The unit had 9000 small balls that cascaded over 330 pegs into 19 collection bins. You would naturally conclude that all the balls would always fall the same way over the same pegs into the same collection bins. Not so! The study confirmed that subjects could influence the direction the balls fell by their focused intention. Which do you think might be more difficult: to influence the fall of 9000 balls or the fall of a few cards?

If this sounds too far out, ask yourself why Boeing would have a distinguished physicist, Helmut Schmidt, create a digital random number generator to study how the human mind is able to influence what we call chance or luck in such a way that the outcome matches our intention. If your intention is to win big at the World Series of Poker, when do you think the best time to begin training would be?

Being lucky at the poker table means that you're more conscious of the opportunities before you than your opponents are. It can also mean that when things have turned sour, you've been able to take a defense position faster than another player at the table. Isn't this that same thing you do in a martial arts situation? While you're well aware of how this applies to the fighting arts, could you comment on how it applies to playing poker?

Ah, here's where not only the test of perception, but the battle of intention begins. There is a saying, "The drive is in the talent!" So at the poker table, just like in the ring, the one with the most “heart,” or intensive drive, who remains focused is the one who usually wins. Talent is important, but without the magic of a laser-like intention, it remains weak. If it’s scientifically proven that the fall of 9000 balls can be influenced by mental intention, then winning at poker is governed by how focused and conscious you can remain. If you do that, the cards you want will come to you.

This brings up the subject of fear. Fear can be one of the most destructive feelings we ever experience, and it often can alert us to take actions that can actually save our lives. What about fear, Peter? Where does it come from, and what can we do about it? At the poker table, I’m becoming aware of and differentiating between the kind of fear that protects me and the kind that distracts me. This allows me to let go of destructive fear and embrace constructive fear. Would you talk about fear in relationship to the card table?

Let's first look at where our emotions come from. Emotions are the results or aftereffects of our conclusions. Fear, for example, is often expressed as the result of a subconscious conclusion about our ability to perform. It manifests as a shudder of doubt that causes you to hesitate and question your actions. Let's say you're having a series of bad hands. You might conclude this isn't your night. Actually, you'll be correct, since that conclusion will filter down deep into your subconscious. Next, your subconscious mind will cause these ripples of doubt to influence your nervous system, which will be expressed in the detectable nuances of your body language. Your opponent, seeing that, bluffs and you fold. Seeing his cards, you just scratch your head, wondering why you did such a stupid thing.

Charlie, you mentioned constructive fear. That's a survival trait. If you're up on a high building, your cells will involuntarily retract from the danger of falling, causing you to pull back from the risk. Now, of course, you can consciously learn to override that fear and still perform. It's a simple matter of understanding that this type of fear is an alarm urging caution.

At the card table, we may experience a very real constructive type of fear as we foolishly begin to push our chips out onto the table. It comes as a lightning bolt and thunders, “Pull back! The odds are against it." Bear in mind that we are always crunching the numbers unconsciously in our marvelous biocomputers. It's just a matter of listening and feeling for the mind’s conclusions before we play our hands.

We know that humans and animals can do incredible feats. Birds migrate to a specific spot or mate many thousands of miles across the earth. Each of us has experienced life situations that can't be explained. Idiot savants add and multiply faster than computers, and many occurrences we can never understand. How do I learn how to increase my perception and use my inherent talent to win?

In the very same fashion as you build muscle, you've got to consciously exercise your mind to increase your perceptual talents. As I've mentioned before, performing the memory feat of memorizing and accurately recalling a deck of 52 cards as they fall requires practice. Each morning, I would take a deck of cards and a stopwatch and time myself until I was able to perform the feat in under a minute without hesitation. Even though doing it before a live audience takes longer, you have the full confidence of being able to present a flawless performance.

Once you have a relaxed sense of confidence, your intentions can take center stage. This is the art of winning. How confident would you be at the card table knowing that you're aware of the cards that have already been played? The way you do this is to become so intimate with a deck of cards that not only do you remember how they fall, but you sense what card it is before it's shown face up. Let them be so intimate that they simply become extensions of your fingers.

In the sixth chapter of The Awesome Science of Luck, you talk about “breathing light into the things you desire,” the role of the pineal gland as you have come to understand it, and how powerful electromagnetic fields are discharged when exhaling properly. You also have a vast experience with magnets. Can you give us a brief summary of how these concepts might help our poker game?

Briefly, Charlie, science has discovered a magnetic compound in the pineal glands of humans and animals. It is this magnetite, a magnetic chemical, that allows migratory animals, birds, and fish to find their way to locations that appear next to impossible to locate without a map or radar of some kind. How do they do that so unerringly? It's the natural functioning of the magnetic quality of that gland.

This is why I began experimenting with wearing a very strong rare earth magnetic headband. If you want to magnetize a nail, all you have to do is stick it on a strong magnet: after a time, the nail also becomes magnetic. So I concluded that it must work the same way with my pineal gland. I have found that it greatly increases my perceptions and luck. Am I not lucky to be here with you in Poker Player?

How about visualization, Peter? You explain this technique. Can we really manifest what we visualize? Can you share your ideas regarding concentration and maintaining focus? Everyone wants to maintain focus. It is widely agreed in poker that focus is the difference between winning and losing at the poker table.

I go into it pretty completely in The Awesome Science of Luck, but here's something to think about. Every element gives off a certain number of oscillations, just like notes on the musical scale. As an example, lead, atomic element number 82, becomes gold, element number 79, if three protons are removed from its nucleus. Helium is element number two, because it is so light: it only has two protons. All thoughts and mental pictures are atomic. Physicists have discovered that an electron can change from a particle into a wave with the simple act of observation. The bottom line is, what you see is what you get—that is, if your mental image is strong and clear enough! That's what our books help poker players do.

I am looking forward to our next conversation in Poker Player magazine. Because it will be issued during the World Series of Poker, let's do our very best to help all the hopefuls in their efforts to capture the potential $8,000,000 first prize.
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Clear Seeing

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned health & longevity pioneer. He is also a best selling author, mentalist, and martial artist. Peter continues to empower and transform the lives of millions of people--just like you. To learn more about Peter's phenomenal insights go to Roaring Lion Publishing.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Secrets for Your Pet's Health

A Million-Year-Old Dust Can Save Your Pet’s Life

Millions of years ago our shorelines were part of the ocean floor. Almost invisible to the naked eye, a single-celled plant called the Diatom grew there. This tiny plant has the ability to extract silica from the water. Over time the silica builds up on the plant, forming a shell. When the Diatoms with their crusty protection die, they accumulate on the sea floor, forming layered deposits. In fact, in some places these deposits have been discovered to be thousands of feet thick.

These now-fossilized, miniscule shells are quarried from dry sea beds and crushed to a fine dust, in a process much like milling oats at a gristmill. As a result, microscopic silica razors are exposed. These microscopic razors and needlelike shards shred the digestive apparatus of any insect that eats it.

When this dust is sprinkled on your pet’s coat, it provides a powerful natural protection against fleas and other bothersome insects. It is also perfectly safe to sprinkle it on your pet’s food, as long as it’s labeled “food grade”. Since the minute particles are almost infinitesimally small, your pet is not harmed, but in the world of internal worms and parasites, this dust is lethal to them when eaten. It is not a toxin, but it kills simply through its lacerating ability. It has the same effect on these parasites as smashing a six-pack of beer bottles and eating the broken glass would have on you. Of course, it goes without saying, don’t eat broken glass!

You’re probably wondering “What is this dust, and where can I get it?” It’s called Diatomaceous Earth and it can be purchased online from any organic producer. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe for human consumption. Scientific studies have shown it will absorb heavy metals like mercury and even pesticide residues from animal and human systems. May your pets be blessed with nature’s healing ways. Peter

Magnetic Therapy For Your Pets

I’ve kept my animals vet-free for decades.” – Peter Ragnar

She ran away from home and ended up at our house. She had already been a mother and had raised kittens. She had a rope tied so tightly around her neck that it cut into her skin. The taxidermist (who was often in trouble for poaching) claimed he owned her. Seeing him, with a burst of speed that only fear could bring, she zipped under our house.

He vacated his rental suddenly. Later, we were told that the Fish and Game people were after him for selling bear gall bladders on the black market. We kept his cat. It’s now been well over twenty years since Amba came to stay with us.

She must have been in her mid-twenties when she peacefully passed in her sleep. Amba slept with my wife and me on a magnetic mattress pad and had been vet-free all her long, beautiful life.

I am completely convinced that we should do the best we can for the animals we love and care for. That’s why our dog Bodhi and our ten cats all have the healing power of magnetic pet pads. Oh, yes, Bodhi sleeps on our big king-size magnetic mattress pad. Do these pet pads sound like a good idea this season?

P.S. For dog lovers, there is a great book by Celeste Yarnall, Natural Dog Care. She recommends magnetic therapy.

Visit Roaring Lion Publishing and explore the many books and health products by well known author Peter Ragnar.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere, but What Am I to Drink?

If you really seek truth, it must be sought without bias. That means there must be no hidden agenda. That means there is no hidden profit motive. That means there is no resistance or egotistic bristling when a former position’s error has been revealed.

"Like any scientist, we begin with a hypothesis."

Assuming we are sincere, we test that hypothesis over and over again. No matter what the factual findings reveal, we joyously accept them. Now we have found a truth.

"So what type of water are you to drink?"

If you’re reading this, most likely you’ve already concluded that city tap water is poison. Perhaps in a startling revelation you concluded that you didn’t think it healthy to drink chlorinated, decomposed toilet paper. What?! You don’t think drinking recycled water is safe? And you’re fed up with lies about how safely water travels from toilet to tap? Now you’ve become such a radical health nut that you dare to complain about the 4000 or so carcinogens in that same water? Imagine that!

The brilliant water researcher Dr. Patrick Flanagan...

After reviewing the options for drinking water, concluded that distilled water was the best. He wrote, “Given a choice of the above waters, we would choose distilled water over cationic water. This is because it does not disturb the charge on colloids in the blood system.”

“Cationic” refers to positive harmful ions found in most alternatives to tap water.

He continues, “Of course the best water is distilled water to which high zeta colloids and anionic electrolytes have been added.” In recent years, other researchers have developed water machines that convert the harmful positive charge to a negative anion. This is commonly referred to as “ionized water.”

"Sounds pretty nifty, doesn’t it?

But, darn it! I’m still stuck on that image of 4000 or so carcinogens and drinking decomposed tampons mixed with toilet paper. I know, I know, the filters promise not to let any of that yuck get through while the machine zaps the water. It sort of reminds me of those electric mosquito zappers that pop and sizzle ‘em! Yet I’ve seen some of the little buggers get through safely anyway.

"I’m not against water ionizers, just the water that runs through them."

Well, there you go, use well water. As long as there is no surface contamination by industrial and agricultural runoff, you’re safe, right? My well is 200 feet deep on top of a mountain. It’s drilled through some mighty thick rock, too. Is it safe to drink? Not if inorganic particles hitchhike with it! So, how do you know if they do?

"You simply distill the water."

I may not understand all the dazzling words used to describe redox potential, ORP, molecular bond angles, etc., so you will have to forgive me for my common horse sense. The old tea kettle gets a heck of a lot of mineral encrustation on it simply by boiling water. My distiller gets a pile of it as well. Now you can identify it as, say, iron, or limestone (that’s calcium), or copper, or one of the countless inorganic minerals.

"Do you really want this stuff building up in your body, turning you into a statue?"

Recently, I read some “x-pert” say it wasn’t so. That you didn’t accumulate these minerals. Ah! I got it, like eating fast foods doesn’t make you fat? And why worry about those PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and trihalomethanes? Oh yes, don’t forget the mercury, it really doesn’t accumulate in fish, oysters, and clams—or does it? I’ve heard all it takes is a broken thermometer of mercury to contaminate an entire lake. Do you really want to drink that stuff? I mean really?

"And what do you think your colon would look like if you sprinkled ready-mix concrete on your cereal every morning?"

As great as charcoal water filters are, they don’t capture inorganic mineral salts. Where do they go? Often, they are captured by the joints. My distiller captures them at the bottom of the pan I clean out. Isn’t it better not to have them passing (hopefully) through your body?

"It’s just common horse sense!"

And if you don’t accumulate inorganic minerals, toxic metal, and other yucky residues, then the world must be free of constipation and acid reflux, right? And all those fat people walking around must be an illusion!

"When I use the word inorganic, I mean a substance composed of matter other than plant or animal."

As an example, a plant can extract inorganic iron from the ground, but you can’t eat a nail. However, you can eat a plant and get organic iron. Your body will not accept dirt as food, so don’t drink mineral water, as an example. Otherwise you might end up a dirt-bag!

"So, a number of years ago, I bought one of those fancy water machines."

Yep, it ionized and alkalized my water. It sure reduced the water molecule and made the water wetter. Bear in mind that when you reduce molecular size in any liquid, it will stain easier. Think of fresh carrot juice, or how stubborn a wine stain or grape juice stain is to get out of a tablecloth. But, it finally dawned on me, if I really wanted to load my body up with highly charged ions, I’d better be using my juicer more! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against ionized water—it’s a great idea!

"Yes, I still use my water ionizer—I fill up my distiller with it."

And yes, I still get inorganic mineral buildup that needs to be cleaned from the distiller. I figure I can get all the natural organic minerals from my raw food diet. Pretty much like Dr. Norman Walker, the great proponent of distilled water, did.

"If the folks who are against distilled water thought about it for a moment..."

They’d have to wonder why decades of drinking it didn’t leach the minerals from the bones of the famous Paul Bragg, a distilled water advocate who met with untimely death surfing at around 100 years old. Or, in fact, how Norman Walker got around while reaching 117 years old. Maybe I’d better get to wondering why, after decades of drinking distilled water, it hasn’t leached the calcium from my teeth. It’s because the calcium in my teeth is organic, not inorganic. "

"Darn, now that I think about it, I haven’t had an appointment to have a cavity filled for over 25 years!"

If distilled water leaches minerals from the bones, why do tens of thousands of kidney dialysis patients show no effect? Yes, the dialysis machines use only distilled water!

"Remember, distilled water cannot leach, bones, blood, or tissue—only inorganic materials."

According to Steve Meyerowitz, the author of Water-The Ultimate Cure, if you are worried about “ . . .distilled water’s naturally aggressive chelating ability [then] put something nourishing in it. A few grains of rice per gallon of water, for example, will stabilize the distilled water in minutes and add organic minerals to it . . .

now it is alive . . .”

Also, you can check out some of Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s discoveries that can make your distilled water as potent as the water that the long-lived Hunzacuts drink. Now that you think about it, consider their water comes from 1000-year-old glacial runoff.

"Glacial ice is frozen distilled water!"

Dr. Theodore Baroody states in his book Alkalize or Die that if we don’t drink enough distilled water, it will slow the lymph flow. It is the lymph fluid that transports acid waste products into general circulation and out of your body.

"As far as distilled water leaching valuable minerals out of the body..."

Dr. Baroody states he has not found even one reputable source to support that. In his book he says, “Only distilled water produces a completely negative ion reaction in the system. And negative ions are alkaline forming--tissue acid wastes, which lead to an unwholesome death, are positively charged. Distilled water, being negatively charged, draws to it the positively charged waste products and flushes them into the elimination channels.”

"If you want to really bolster and enhance your water, you’ll find a plethora of products you can choose from. "

Personally, I haven’t found a single one of them as good as old Doc Willard’s catalyst-altered water. He was a true pioneer in water science. Yet his discovery was the definition of serendipitous. He was working on a way to clean out old depleted oil wells in Northern Alberta, Canada, when he stumbled on to nature’s secret.

"He found a way to make water so wet that it penetrates wax."

The water molecule becomes so reduced in size and increased in its electrical potential that it can actually wet wax. This was a boon to the petroleum companies, since wells would build up a paraffin-like compound and plug the well.

"Doc Willard found his water would increase the absorption of nutrients in food..."

Speed up the elimination of toxins and acid wastes, and provide extra electrons, thus acting as an extremely powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. You should bear in mind that once antioxidants (like vitamin C) give up their electrons, they become free radicals themselves.

"This is not so with catalyst-altered water, better known as Willard water."

Ranchers began spraying their pastures with it. They found Willard water’s hydrating powers were able to keep fields green even in times of drought. Gardeners were suddenly growing 200-lb. pumpkins, and people began drinking the stuff! And guess what?

"Folks started talking about having miracle cures."

The word-of-mouth buzz reached the ears of the FDA, and the federal government launched a major investigation. Doc Willard was called before the 96th congressional subcommittee on July 7th, 1980. By the time the evidence was presented, the alleged benefits and the old doc emerged victorious. Willard water had taken the nation by storm. Soon CBS had Harry Reasoner and the crew of “60 Minutes” doing a special on this amazing scientific breakthrough.

"Friend, I’ve got to say it loud and clear—there’s only one real Willard water and lots of copycats! I drink the real thing!"

In The Choice is Clear by Dr. Allen E. Banik, he says, “Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth—the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues. By its continued use, it is possible to dissolve inorganic minerals, acid crystals, and all the other waste products of the body without injuring tissues.”

"Hey, if you’re a senior citizen and can’t touch your thumb to your wrist..."

Touch your toes, or do a full back bend—you better get a water distiller and get some Willard water to leach those inorganic deposits out of those joints. Yes, distilled water is a universal solvent. It’s sad a few naturopaths that opposed its use died so young! After all, it’s simply about using common old horse sense! Yes, there’s water, water everywhere, but only drink distilled, with Willard water in it.

-Peter Ragnar

Visit Roaring Lion Publishing and explore the many books and health products by well known author Peter Ragnar.
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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Easily Extend Your Lifespan

Ancient Longevity Acupoint Revealed
In my dog-eared, highlighted, underlined, and autographed copy of The Immortal Cell by Dr. Michael West, he states, "Subsequent research showed that the aging of cells was linked to cell division, not time itself. In other words, the mere passage of time, or the normal machinery of life we call metabolism, did not move the hands of the clock of aging. The clock ticked only when the cells divided."

Dr. West was the founder of a group of scientists that became Geron Corporation, the leading biotech company that discovered the immortal cells in the bone marrow called stem cells. What emerged from their research was the telomerase theory of aging. Telomeres (pronounced “tee-low-meers”) are sequences of nucleic acids that extend from the ends of chromosomes. This is much like the little plastic cap or sleeve on the end of your shoelace. When this cap breaks off, the end of the lace frays and becomes pretty much useless.

Every time your cells divide, your telomeres shorten. This leads to cell damage, which destroys the usefulness of the cell. Cellular death is another way of saying aging. The good news is that scientists have now discovered an "immortalizing enzyme" called telomerase. While it appears in cancer and germ cells, keeping these cells alive, it can also keep healthy cells from dying. Telomerase can repair and replace damaged or shortened telomeres. Telomerase can manipulate and reset the clock that affects the lifespan of dividing cells. Scientists are discovering how to use nanotechnology to trigger vastly extended life spans for humans. Once again, telomerase is the enzyme that keeps the telomeres from shortening.

This is exciting, but long ago the ancients discovered secret acupoint locations on the human body that were found to greatly extend the human life span. When I first published my findings in The LifeWave Phenomenon, I received harsh criticism for including an account of an alleged 242-year-old man and his 221-year-old wife that I found in A Study of Daoist Acupuncture by Liu Zheng-Cai. What my critics have ignored are the scientific studies by researchers in New York in 1988 (Omura et al.), cited by Dr. Shui Yin Lo in his book The Biophysics for Acupuncture and Health. “Found that acupuncture on ST 36 on normal subjects increased the telomere levels up to a maximum of 2 times their telomere levels before treatment. Frequently increases were between 60% to 100%."

Well, let's see: if you consider a normal lifespan to be 80 years and you could add two times that by extending the life of the telomeres, that would be 240 years of age. So, if the telomerase theory of aging is correct, and the immortal cell discovery by Geron Corp. and Dr. West is correct, there is absolutely nothing to contradict the allegation of a person claiming to be 242 years old—except our astonishment and conditioned disbelief.

Maybe the account is true, and maybe it isn't—but several years ago, I began doing what the old man and his wife did. I burn mugwort cones on acupoint ST 36 right after I finish doing my Qi Gong. All this couple claimed to do was moxibustion on Stomach 36. Sound interesting to you?

However, with the new discoveries in nanotechnology, we can also use specifically designed informational molecular antennas that can be placed like a small Band-Aid on certain acupoints. David Schmidt, the founder of LifeWave, and myself have joined forces to write about the power of new nanotechnology breakthroughs in the use of the LifeWave patches, as well as our explorations into ear-whispered secrets of the ancients. Can we unlock the combination lock of human energy and aging? Stay tuned—The LifeWave Experience to a New You will soon be going to press.

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned health & longevity pioneer. He is also a best selling author, mentalist, martial artist. Peter continues to empower and transform the lives of millions people--just like you. To learn more about Peter's phenomenal insights go to
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Thursday, June 02, 2011

How Your Body Naturally Eliminates Cancer

Dear Friend,

"If you knew it was a medical certainty that cancer cells could be stopped dead in their tracks, wouldn’t you want to hear about it?"

How ironic, then, that natural cures are so maligned by the medical establishment. Before being licensed as a doctor, you must at least study anatomy and physiology. So, every doctor knows that cancer cells travel by way of the lymphatics and lymph nodes—that means, in the moving fluid that flows between your cells. Your lymphatic system is actually a part of your circulatory system.

"Here’s the problem. Unlike your heart, which pumps blood, there is no pump connected to your lymphatic vessels."

This is a problem because your lymph nodes, which are like tiny houses with walls and doors the size of a pinhead and larger, filter out cancer cells and other injurious matter—but have no pump to move the cancer cells along.

"If your lymph doesn’t move, the cancer sits there and grows."

You can see, can’t you, how important it is for your lymphatic system to move waste and poisons out of your body? The lymphatic system is like the garbage man picking up the trash that your blood has piled there for pickup. The problem is multiplied if the sanitation crew doesn’t come to work. The garbage sits there and festers with green flies and mosquitoes as it slowly cooks up a toxic biological time bomb.

"So, what moves the lymph?"

It’s called the lymph pressure gradient. Basically, that means you’ve got to breathe and you’ve got to move. When you move, you stimulate the lymph nodes to bolster your immune system by making lymphocytes and other white blood cells. Your body’s movement is what allows your lymphatic system to kill cancer cells. When your lymphatic system is sluggish, toxic and carcinogenic materials settle in the lymph nodes. When that happens, they swell and become tender. Sometimes the lymphatic pathways become infected, and then you’ll see red streaks on, say, your arm or groin. Unchecked, this leads to dangerous complications.

"The bottom line is that the average person never gets enough stimulating movement to get the lymphatic system moving properly.Exercise certainly helps, but massage is even better in moving the lymph."

Since you’re always asking about my personal program for high levels of health, I’ll share a little secret with you. Every day after I do my Magnetic Qi Gong, I place my feet on the swing massager for 10 minutes. I have yet to experience anything like it. The first time you try it, you’ll wonder why you never owned one before! According to Qi Gong, movement leads qi (chi) or vital force through the millions of tiny channels to the surface of the skin and radiates an electromagnetic force field beyond the skin. This is the luminous glow you see coming from a vibrantly healthy person.

"Wouldn’t it be nice to receive such a compliment? You bet it would!"

The swing massager leaves you with a euphoric buzz after just a few minutes of use! I’ll bet you’ll have the same impression once you try it. Since you have my ironclad satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing at risk and only benefits to gain. I know you’ll thank me heartily after your first session with the swing massager! So, when would be the best time to test one?

With you in luminous health -Peter
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Monday, April 04, 2011

Peter's Seven Vows

Thus I vow:

1) I vow to respect, honor, and expand my conscious awareness of how precious life is to all creatures, and I will not knowingly bring pain, injury, or death to any of these, if it is within my power to refrain. However, I will protect the sanctity of the lives of others and my own as the nature of aggression dictates.

2) I vow that I will honor all human interrelationships as voluntary and will use no coercive behavior or action to the contrary. I know that the end is always reflected by the means, and I do not want my victories to be more disgraceful than my defeats.

3) I vow to consciously shun or eschew all organizations, clubs, political parties, and governments who are blind to the nature of cause and effect or the principle of how the means determine the ends.

4) I vow to live quietly, simply, and honestly, respecting the earth that shares its bounty with us all.

5) I vow to resist tyranny using nonviolent strategies and by the withdrawal of my cooperation.

6) I vow neither to be enslaved by anyone’s demands on my life nor to be robbed by their tears. My life is mine, and only I can choose how I want to live.

7) I vow not to pursue vain desires. I will use the razor of reason to cut away all things not in harmony with my major purpose in life.
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